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The state of New York is constantly growing, businesses frequently need additional space to operate and new projects are steadily being built throughout the state. At Ball & Ferrari, P.C., our New York commercial real estate attorneys skillfully advise individuals involved in commercial transactions, such as developers, lenders, investors, and other individuals or entities. We safeguard your best interests and ensure smooth transactions.

What does our firm do?

Our commercial real estate and development lawyers are able to assist with the following matters:

No matter what your commercial real estate legal needs may be, our attorneys are recognized leaders with an expansive portfolio of commercial clients and are ready to help.

Commercial real estate is a significant investment for both developers and business owners. With our expertise, your investment is protected. We advise you on every aspect of a deal, including the potential for any conflicts with other parties. We anticipate any issues that may arise so your business does not sacrifice profits by becoming involved in disputes. Our firm resolves problems before they begin so that your business or project may thrive.

We ensure your legal interests are protected throughout a transaction

Many parties to a real estate transaction become frustrated with their attorneys when they cannot find out what is going on in the process. However, at our firm, we believe in keeping clients informed through every step of the deal so that they know what the next steps are—and more importantly, how each step impacts the future of the business or development. Our clients know that they may call or email us any time with questions or concerns. Additionally, our clients value our exceptional knowledge of New York real estate law and know that our attorneys are performing their due diligence in each and every deal. Our attorneys enjoy longstanding relationships with lenders, brokers, government officials, surveyors, and other parties whose involvement is crucial in a commercial real estate transaction.

Let us assist with your next project

Our commercial real estate attorneys proudly serve clients throughout New York, including Yonkers and Westchester County, Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, and Brooklyn. Whether you are obtaining a property, expanding a property, or want to build a new project from the ground up, our real estate attorneys are ready to help.

Let our experience guide you

At Ball & Ferrari, P.C., our New York commercial real estate attorneys have the knowledge and experience you need to successfully navigate complex commercial real estate matters. To schedule a consultation, call (914) 779-2600 or contact us online.