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Protecting client interests in real estate transactions

Purchasing or selling real estate is a major decision, one that may have lasting impacts on individuals and businesses. Real estate transactions require the careful review and analysis of a variety of documents, such as title documents, deeds, loan paperwork, and other pieces of information. At Ball & Ferrari, P.C., our New York real estate attorneys ensure our clients have the tools they need to strengthen their positions in both residential and commercial deals.

Experienced in all types of real estate transactions

Whether this is your first real estate transaction or your tenth, our attorneys are prepared to help. Our firm has an excellent reputation in the legal community and has assisted clients with a number of real estate matters, including:

No matter what your needs may be during your real estate transaction, our real estate attorneys offer strong legal advice that benefits you for years to come.

Why hire an attorney for purchasing or selling real estate in New York?

If you are buying or selling a home, it is a good idea to have your own attorney to represent your interests throughout the transaction.

Your attorney may be responsible for either drafting or editing the contract of sale. If the terms are not properly stated in a real estate contract, you may unknowingly agree to terms that you do not wish to agree to. The contract may not protect your legal interests, which could lead to problems in the future.

Our real estate attorneys also perform title searches on the property at the subject of the deal. Title searches may reveal issues with the property, such as liens, judgments, easements, or other defects.

We also assist with any financing necessary to secure the deal. Obtaining a mortgage, as well as calculating amounts due to various parties at closing, are matters our attorneys handle. If any information is incorrect on your mortgage application, the closing can be delayed, or the deal may even fall through. Without a skilled New York real estate attorney’s help, you may submit inaccurate information or miss important deadlines. Real estate transactions may become tedious and challenging at times. However, with the assistance of our experienced real estate attorneys, your transaction will go smoothly.

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At Ball & Ferrari, our New York real estate lawyers are experienced in all types of real estate transactions, including commercial deals, residential transactions, lease negotiations, and a number of other matters. To schedule a free consultation with our legal team, call (914) 779-2600 or contact us online .