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What is a workplace injury?

In New York, injured workers must prove several facts if they wish to recover compensation for a work-related injury. For example, the workers must show that they were covered under a workers’ compensation insurance policy and that they were completing work-related duties when the injury occurred. However, many employers and workers’ compensation insurance companies attempt to deny that an injury was work-related and withhold benefits from the employee. At Ball & Ferrari, P.C., our New York workers’ compensation attorneys are experienced in these claims and aggressively pursue all avenues of recovery so you obtain the financial support you need to get back on your feet.

Workplace injuries are generally those that occur while on the job. For example, a factory worker may suffer a workplace injury if a machine malfunctions and cuts his hand. An office employee may suffer a workplace injury if she slips on a wet floor and breaks her ankle. There are seemingly endless possibilities for workplace injuries.

In addition to acute injuries like the ones mentioned above, occupational diseases may also be eligible for workers’ compensation coverage. Occupational diseases are conditions that develop after an extended period of time in the workplace. Lung diseases, skin conditions, certain types of cancers, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other such ailments are examples of occupational diseases.

What types of benefits does workers’ compensation provide?

New York provides a variety of benefits for employees injured on the job. These benefits include:

Workers’ compensation attorneys carefully review the facts of a claim to ensure all possible damages are sought on behalf of the injured employee. Without the assistance of our savvy New York workers’ compensation attorneys, injured employees may unknowingly forfeit damages they are entitled to under New York law.

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